Nancy Dougherty, LCSW ACSW Diplomate Jungian Analyst

Nancy Dougherty, Jungian Analyst

nancy is a psychotherapist and Jungian analyst in private practice in Austin, Texas. She received her analytic training at the C.G.Jung Institute of Chicago.

people choose Jungian-oriented psychotherapy or analysis for a variety of reasons. As with other kinds of therapy, Jungian work seeks to help people with their personal problems. For some, the decision is initiated by a life event that has had a particularly painful effect. Others feel out of touch with themselves or feel that life seems to lack a sense of personal meaning. Many want to know themselves more deeply and a lead a more satisfying life. While analysis is a commitment to self-understanding, the length of time involved is individual.Nancy's interest is to assist individuals to find a center in their lives from which they can live a life of meaning and authenticity. From a Jungian perspective, symptoms that arise from our conflicts have meaning. It is possible to understand that our suffering and woundedness can lead us to discover our gifts. The scope of her practice includes on-going analysis, as well as supportive psychotherapy related to career and relationship concerns.

contact: Nancy Dougherty, MSW LCSW
4131 Spicewood Springs K - 4
Austin, Texas

nancy is a faculty member and a senior training analyst of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, The InterRegional Society, where she currently serves as the Director of Training. She has written and lectured widely on art, accessing creativity, spirituality, and authenticity.

Along with Jacqueline West Ph.D., Nancy has co-authored The Matrix and Meaning of Character: An Archetypal and Developmental Approach, published in 2007 by Routledge Press.


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